New Equipment

公主大臣轮流研磨Before we become an "authorized dealer" for any manufacturer, they must be able to meet or exceed stringent benchmarks not only in product quality, but in their ability to support the machines they bring to market.

公主大臣轮流研磨All the manufacturers we represent:

  • Have a 90% or better availability of high demand parts and a modern ordering system.
  • Share our desire to provide equipment that will reduce your operating costs.
  • Train our technicians, salesmen, PSR's and parts people.
  • Have a long-term commitment to the industry and the products they manufacture.
  • Are competitive in price and have fair warranty guidelines that exceed current standards.
  • Have a strong reputation within the industry.
  • Provide equipment that will hold it's value for re-sale.
  • Care about the customer's success over market share.

Below is a list of quality manufacturers who meet or exceed these benchmarks.
We are proud to be their authorized distributor.

Construction & Mining


Crawler Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, Hydraulic Shovels, Articulated Trucks, Mechanical Trucks, Electric Trucks, Motor Graders, Crushers


公主大臣轮流研磨Compact Track Loaders, Compact Excavators, Compact Wheel Loaders


Compact Construction Equipment - Compact Excavators, Track, Skid steer and Wheel loaders, Utility Vehicles 

公主大臣轮流研磨Rubber Track Carriers


Pavers, Planers, Brooms, Material Transfer Vehicles, Soil Stabilizers

Asphalt Rollers, Soil Compactors


Lattice Crawler Cranes, Lattice Truck Cranes, Telescopic Crawler Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Truck Terrain Cranes Hydraulic, Truck Cranes



公主大臣轮流研磨Wood Hogs, Tub Grinders, Drum Chippers, Flails & Chiparvestors, Brush Chippers, Stump Grinders

Grey Transparent Logos Stacked

公主大臣轮流研磨Crushers, Screeners, Stacking Conveyors

Forwarders, Harvesters, Fellers, Heads

Tracked Mulchers

Shredders, Screens, Waste Handlers, Windrow Turner and Conveyors

Forestry Mulchers, Forestry Tillers, Stone Crushers, Stump Cutters

公主大臣轮流研磨Loaders, Grapples, Rotators





Attachments and Accessories

Hydraulic Breakers, Plate Compactors, Drum Cutters

Buckets, Quick Couplers, Tooth Systems, Blades and End Bits

公主大臣轮流研磨Buckets, Tooth Systems

公主大臣轮流研磨Buckets, Attachments

公主大臣轮流研磨Heavy Construction Attachments


Quick Couplers, Loader Attachments